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Adobe Creative Suite CS3 / CS4 / CS5 will share Acrobat Settings. If you create them once, they'll be available to other programs in the Suite. You can save this preset with your own filename for future use.

For all files supplied to us, we recommend:


Set Acrobat for PDF 1.5

Optimize Fast Web View ON

Create Acrobat Layers OFF

Create Tagged PDF OFF


Color Images

Bicubic Downsampling to 300 for Images above 450

Image quality Maximum

Compression JPEG

Greyscale Images:

Bicubic Downsampling to 300 for Images above 450

Image quality Maximum

Compression JPEG

Monochrome Images:

Bicubic Downsampling to 1200 for Images above 1800

Compression CCITT Group 4

Compress Text and Line Art

Crop Image Data to Frames

Marks and Bleeds:

Crop Marks ON

Bleed .25" for Top, Bottom, Left and Right


Be sure to check your ink settings in the INK MANAGER each time to specify Process and Spot (PMS colors)

Color conversion set to NO COLOR CONVERSION

Profile Inclusion Policy set to DON'T INCLUDE PROFILES (Profiles are for screen appearance and will be dropped in the rip)

What our Clients think...
Universal Printing Team: Over the last year, we have been very pleased with the work that UP has provided to our company. Certainly, you have a very productive and talented designer that has produced good work for us – both for our US and Canada businesses. As a result there are additional projects that we think would be a better fit at Universal that we would like to transition to your team. Thanks Again,

By Karl K. - VP Marketing
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@UPinfo UPinfo If this ad for #MontyThePenguin doesn't get you in the Holiday spirit, nothing will. :) http://fb.me/37xpG5hrv
- 11/10/2014 11:01 AM
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